Yes, Windows 10 mobile is sliding in market share, but there are quite a few cool apps that are actively being developed. How about for each four negative stories you guys publish one interview, developer profile, or app review that shows that there is another way? I\’d love to see some positive news once in a while! Suggested examples: mTalk. These guys jumped into the WP fray to replace the ailing TapaTalk. Who are these guys, and how did they put that app together? What made them choose to do UWP and enable continuum support, and was it difficult? Grover Pro: After using the WP8 app Podcast Lounge for years, I found this amazing UWP podcast app. Supports Continuum, and the dev even added swipe actions! OMG. Just a fantastic app. Who is the guy, where did he get his coding chops, is he working on something else? Do interviews, show the devs we care (I do!) and give the readers something positive to enjoy. Share-to-Speech: Maybe you guys already did a profile on this one, but if not: another amazing UWP app with continuum support. Reads just about any web page to you and automatically strips out all the non-article related text. Innumerable customizations and nice tricks. Developer is insanely active with updates (about once a week!). Monument Browser: This one came out of nowhere for me. A fast sleek browser with continuum support and data compression. Huh?! The dev name is the same as some soccer player, so now I wonder, who is this guy, how did they make this amazing browser, and … can we trust them to handle our compressed web traffic? 🙂 If anyone knows other apps or developers you\’d like to see featured, please post in this thread. No guarantees obviously since this is just a suggestion to the editors at this point.

Yes that\’s a good start …

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