I just bought a 2017 Surface Laptop with and intel core m3-7Y30. It obviously came with windows 10 s, and I have the option to upgrade to windows 10 pro. I like how fast the machine runs with windows 10 s, but I\’d like to be able to download Google Chrome and other applications. So heres my question – can this laptop run windows 10 pro efficiently? Or if I upgrade will it dramatically reduce how fast the computer is? I\’m also not sure if there is a way to go back to windows 10 s if I upgrade to pro, so I want to make sure its a good decision. Thank you!

The differences between Windows 10 S and Pro are negligible, save for some arbitrary limitations on 10 S (which make sense to some), performance will be the same. You could just go to Pro, not install anything and likely not notice a difference.

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