Hello there. I used to have a Lumia 1020, at first it ran Windows Phone 8/8.1, and later Windows 10 Mobile through the Insiders ring. Due to irrelevant reasons, on about may 2016, this handset… let\’s say it has become unavailable for me to use. I had to use an Android, low range phone. In the middle of this period of time, I changed my phone number (I kept my SIM card but, for other also irrelevant reasons, I decided to change the number). By december 2016 I had the possibility of re-buy a high range handset, so I opted for the Lumia 950 XL. Once I got it, I hard-resetted it and I chosed to restore from the last Lumia 1020 available backup on OneDrive. And since then, despite the fact that the SMS messages are correctly restored by activating the corresponding option in the Message Setup (I sincerly don\’t know whether it restores them from the foresaid backup on OneDrive or from what place), even through succesives hard-resetting of this 950, the syncing with the computer only takes into consideration those sent or received since the Lumia 950 XL adquisition (i.e. since the phone number change, since as I\’ve said, during the time between the 1020 and the 950, I used an Android phone). Any idea of the reason?

Did you back up since your latest acquisition? Best to routinely manually back up.

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