Is it possible to sync all apps from both devices? I mean, is it possible to make the messaging app on computer shows all the messages from phone (even write an answer)?Cortana will be available on my language only in the redstone update. I\’ve been trying to change system language to English, but failed.

Texting from pc using cortana (provided you use the same MS account on the phone and pc) is currently possible. You can also download messages that were stored in the cloud to the pc, but you can\’t open a message and reply to that person directly (like you can on the phone). You can only view the message. You can text like I said previously but you\’ll have to use the cortana command for that "send a text" (pc) I\’m not sure I can explain this any other way but if you have more questions feel free to join the site and reply to this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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