Lets all be honest… Windows 10 is a train wreck, and wasn\’t ready to be released. Here\’s my ten reasons why I hate windows 10 10) it simply feels unfinished… Half the live tiles don\’t display correctly, the new live tile animations look cheap and outdated, and most things dont work properly, and the live tiles just look incomplete because they\’re all the same color. 9) Notification Center- it looks so sloppy. Those toggle switches at the bottom look unfinished, and disorganized. The icons inside the toggle switches are too small,giving the overall interface an unfinished look. 8) Start Menu- Where to begin… The start menu is worse than ever. Its inconsistent.. Some people report being able to have three groups of live tiles horizontally, most are reporting only two, even when in full screen mode. No shortcut to the desktop either, which makes tablet mode difficult to navigate. 7) Tablet mode- a good idea with terrible execution. Tablet mode was designed to make the operating system easy to use on touch screen devices. While it helps, its extremely frustrating and seemingly incomplete. Windows that open, such as edge browser dont have minimize or maximize options, and hardly ever display tue close window option. I get this is where task view comes in, but its unnecessary to make things that complicated. Solution? Allow tablet mode to function EXACTLY like the start screen in 8.1… Enables charms bar, swipe up to see all apps, start menu scrolls horizontally. 6) Desktop mode….why is this even a thing? Creating a shortcut for an app or program to the desktop is extremely difficult, and once done, the icons looks ridiculous, and again, unfinished. 5) Live Tiles- why on gods green earth are these all the same color except a few Microsoft programs? Even office apps are all displaying under my accent color. My start menu looks boring, and with a dark accent color, it makes the apps look like they\’re broken, especially with gray or black accent color. 4) toggle switches- everything in windows 10 is square….except these pill shaped toggle switches. They\’re ugly, they don\’t look right, and hardly ever respond. 3) Round profile picture- again, with everything being squared, why are there round profile pictures? They\’re so small in most places (start menu and edge browser) that you can hardly even make then out. On top of that, they often appear misplaced. 2) white backgrounds in all system menus….. Why…. 1) This isn\’t effective for touch users. For those who like desktop mode, or windows 7 after a few significant bug fixes., but for everyone using touch devices, jts a nightmare.

I\’ve played with it a bit now for half a day and I think your over exaggerating a bit. But to each their own. On point 1, I would agree that its more for desktop users then touch. Although think the touch works and looks well too! But this is exactly why they did it. No matter what you feel…8.1 was a disaster for the majority of people. On that point, what did you expect? Just sayin 🙂

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