Hello everybody, For the past 2 months i\’ve been working on a music player for windows 10, out of my own necessity of having a player that can manage playlists of both youtube videos and local files (mp3, flac, etc.).I finally have a working version of it, and i would like you to tell me your opinion.Any suggestions are welcome, or bug reports, or anything. Improvements are still in the works. Here is the store link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/boombox/9nblggh4wch1 The player is not yet mobile optimized, i\’m working on that. The interface looks ok on mobile, but needs some work on background audio, to make the youtube songs play with your screen locked. That\’s why it is not available on phones yet. Future improvements:The youtube "Mix" playlist for any song will be implemented.An alternative youtube player will be implemented (now it works in a media element, but an embedded youtube player alternative will be available in the settings menu).Hope you like it 🙂 Thanks,Cosmin Toader

I will add a free version of the app with in-app ads in the near future.

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