Hi there, Windows Hello was intended to make Windows more secure, but based on the information that I see, it doesn\’t. It seems like Windows Hello is only as secure as the "weakest link" of security, whether it is the Windows password, the biometric sensor, or the Windows Hello PIN. Depending on how these security methods are configured, the weakest method could vary. If the Windows (or Microsoft) password is weak, then this method\’s lack of security makes Windows Hello obsolete. If someone doesn\’t enable symbolic and alphanumeric PINs, then this method\’s level of security becomes less than or equal to the security of a weak password. The only way that the biometric sensor would make logins more secure is if it was the only login option. However, it doesn\’t seem like the other login options can be disabled. Therefore, biometric sensors would only improve user login speed. Am I correct on these observations, or am I missing a key detail?

It\’s a convenience measure on top of being a biometric measure. Both cool and secure, but of course it\’s only as strong as the weakest link, and how strong that weakest link is, is up to the user.

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