I like new software, I really do. But: Windows Mobile 10 is so incredibly unpolished. I wonder if there is anyone at Microsoft actually using the builds they ship out on a day to day basis. I\’ve been on the fast ring since it became available. I was eager to upgrade, mainly because of Edge. I don\’t really care about apps, I just want the web to work right. Performance and battery life weren\’t great after the migration, so based on the Windows Central recommendation I\’m doing a hard reset. The experience is horrible. This is about build 14322 on a Lumia 930. Just some of my issues:- The setup makes you accept the EULA for Windows Phone 8.1. Did nobody notice this?- There is no way to know whether data is actually included in the backup. Pictures are, but saved files are not. Whatsapp data is not (?), and the Whatsapp backup is *not* restored when the app is reinstalled. Thanks, guys. The registration for my banking app is lost. Texts *seem* gone. – All apps that shipped with the phone are reinstalled. All apps. This includes Lumia Camera, which they don\’t want us to use, the Here apps, which aren\’t supported anymore and which I had uninstalled. MixRadio, Line, Lumia creative Studio, App Social, News. I had all this cruft uninstalled and it is just reinstalling. It also installs Facebook, which I\’m not using.- It does these re-installs even when restoring a backup. I ran hard reset twice, once restoring the backup, then again without. If I barely get any data back I might as well start entirely with a clean slate. Now, I know the recommendation is not to use the insider builds on daily use phones, and losing this data doesn\’t hurt me. But when this ships out to the general public, they\’ll face these issues too. Such a bad (first) impression. /rant

OMGWhatsapp is a 3rd app. And as all 3rd apps, they got an indipendent backup system user must use before resetting / upgrading phone.That\’s not o.s. responsability if user forget to backup everything EVEN if WARNED to do before.Backups oncludes ONLY Windows o.s., apps list, config data, settings, messages (last week messages doesn\’t works well)If you don\’t like apps, that\’s clear you must uninstall them before updating, elsewhere backup system assumes you WANT all these apps again.Logic,isn\’t it? Evidently, you never got a smartphone, and you havent any idea of the meaning of bulk apps included when you open the box. Exactly as a new laptop / desktop. You are complain like you are buyin a new car, and then you notice later there\’s not enough space for your legs. IMHO. Buy an Android. Syncerely. Not an offence, I\’m sorry 😉

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