Hi there, I\’m doing a little research for a project and if you are willing to share with me your top 10 application downloaded from store I would be thankful! You can comment about applications, features missing, how would you rate. Also I would like to know what are the top 5 applications what you think the Microsoft Store lacks. So, here\’s mine TOP 10 APPLICATIONS used in 2018: 1. Facebook Beta2. Messenger Beta – (missing Live function, video calls)3. WhatsApp – (works as it suppose to)4. Awesome Tube – (a very good replacement for YouTube, at least for me)5. Quickplace (replacement for Google Maps for searching places)6. Tunein Radio7. Vector Watch (for Vector luna)8. Shazam9. Continue Anywhere (same as Continue on PC feature for Windows Launcher Android)10. Roamit (Fileshare between devices) Here is what I miss on store 1. YouTube app2. A decent Facebook Messenger app 3. A stable version of Skype4. ?5. ? So what are you using in 2018 and what apps are you missing from the store?Thank you.

For youtube have you tried? MyTube! or MetroTube. Personally I found MyTube! to be more reliable, however due to constant backend changes by Google playback can be woeful on the desktop store app.

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