Hi folks, I have a Lumia 950XL and its done well so far, but recent system and app updates have started to cripple it here and there. In addition I need some functionality that is not available…yet. I\’m due an upgrade on my network, so I\’m looking to get an Android secondary phone. The current flagships are available for a reasonable fee, so it wont be too much of a downgrade in spec. No, HP Elite X3 is not an option. No I\’m not switching, I\’m still core Windows, I just have some itches to scratch that WM10 cant until the "surface phone" like device comes around with Redstone 2. Which is what my query is about. I want to ask you knowledgeable folks to advise me on how I can turn an android phone into a windows phone.I\’m not talking about rooting or hacking, I mean use the multiplatform apps Microsoft has on the play store to basically pretend to be on Windows. I know how crap android is at handling system resources and all the junk it accumulates that a mobile OS shouldn\’t. Thus I want a solution with the least load on the device overall. I know it wont be a complete mask, and I\’m ok with that. So over to you, my WinFriends. Please advise.

Get SquareHome Launcher to have that look. Outlook is available on Android.

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