Hey guys. I get annoyed by the settings app on Windows 10, mostly because of:

  • Too much wasted, barren space
  • Lack of proper navigation in some areas that makes you lose the context of what you are doing
  • So I decided to give the redesign a go, and found out it is easier than I thought. It just so happens that all the areas with the aforementioned issues were supposed to be dialogs but for some reason the Microsoft design team missed it. So I created mock-ups to illustrate how much better the dialogs could look, while maintaining context: Main backup page: And then there is my suggestion: Clicking "manage known networks" gets you to: What do you think? It doesn\’t take much at all to introduce a simple tweak into the design of the Settings app (and others, like Mail and Calendar that sorely lack in design) seeing as Fluent already includes "Light" and shadows. Let me know in the comments. P.S. for Tablet Mode you can have the dialog appear on the right side of screen instead of center, so the user can use their right thumb to operate within the dialog.

    excellent and neat.can you make something about startscreen idea for pc and tablet screens.I believe startscreen on Windows10 is ugly and backwards with that vertical scrolling compared to Windows10 mobile or Windows 8.1 startscreen.

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