Hi there, this might be relevant only to Indian users of Windows 10. I recently upgraded to windows 10 on both phone and laptop. Since then, my icici debit card linked with my microsoft account stopped working. i.e., I was able to make app purchases using the same card in windows 8.1 store where the process would be something like: 1. Click on app to buy2. Choose card from the list (only 1 card for me)3. Get redirected to 3d secure pin website from icici bank.4. Enter 3d secure pin5. Get redirected back to store with purchase successful. Since the windows 10 upgrade, this is the process being followed: 1. Click on app to buy2. Choose card from the list (only 1 card, same as in above)3. Popup comes with title "One more step" and description as: "Your card issuer needs you to complete one more step. When you select Continue, you\’ll be redirected to their website.To pick another way to pay, select Back." Pretty sure they are talking about 3d secure pin here. So I click continue4. Another popup comes with title "Have you been to your card issuer\’s website" and the description as: "If not, wait a moment or two, you\’ll be redirected there.If you have, select Continue to wrap things up"5. Parallelly, browser window opens with a microsoft link which is supposed to redirect to icici bank, but instead, redirects to an error page saying "Try again?You canelled payment or your payment service provider was unable to authorize it."6. clicking on continue or back on the window store popup in step 4 has no effect as it simply says that "They aren\’t approving this transaction" with a PUR-TransactionNotAllowed error code. I\’ve contacted both ICICI bank customer care and at least talked with 10 MS agents including tech support who also debugged using remote desktop. None of them were able to figure out the issue. I don\’t think that my bank is blocking the transaction as when I remove and add the same card or another ICICI bank card, INR 2.00 is debited from my account successfully. Has anyone faced this issue ? Not sure if its ICICI specific or Windows 10 specific. I have tried using a new dummy MS account as well as both from my phone and PC. Same result with all combination.

exact same issue. This is getting on my nerve. Did you find a solution to it?

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