On one of my W10M phones, the Office 365 account does not work anymore in OneNote. Even when I delete and re-add it, it immediately shows that it needs fixing again. The same account on a Windows 10 UWP app on the desktop works just fine. I think the cause is rooted somewhere in the fact the main mail address for this account changed. Again, such a change worked fine one other devices, but on this particular one, something seems broken. So my only option seems to be to re-install OneNote to remove all local stored data that could cause the issue. But I found out, there is no way to uninstall it. Now on Windows 10\’s desktop edition, you could at least use Powershell to reinstall preinstalled apps. But that is also no option on the mobile edition. Does anybody know of any other way to get this done or at least clear the app\’s local data? Anything that would prevent of resetting the whole phone to get a fresh start with OneNote? Would be very appreciated 🙂 Thanks,b.

This appears to be the only light to be seen in the tunnel thusfar: http://forums.windowscentral.com/win…pps-games.html I have no experience with this program beyond what I\’ve been reading from here and the related site. (Specifically the \’reset in place\’ option mentioned.)

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