Currently looking at adding an indoor security cam to the home, while shopping it dawned on me that perhaps my old Lumia 830 on Windows 10 can me made to do that. I see some apps do exist for that purpose in the store, but I\’m curious if anyone has experience with this setup? Recommendations? Part of me is is inclined to looks elsewhere as I need reliability (ie: app support etc), but If it\’s possible…. Thanks. 🙂

Yeah I\’d get a dedicated security cam for this purpose especially if you need reliability. I was looking for outdoor cams and and being cheap (LOL) went with a couple of D-Link DCS-936L (720p) which are NOT meant for outdoor use but mounted them under the eaves of my house to better protect them. After nearly a year can honestly say I am very impressed not to mention surprised, totally expected them to crap out due to our extreme variances in weather but nope that hasn\’t happened even after highs of 30C to lows of -28C… On rare occasions a reboot (cycle power) is necessary but that has only occurred a handful of time since they were installed. The DCS-936L connects wirelessly to your network but requires a 110V power source for its supplied power adapter. Has a memory card slot (MicroSD) for local recording, incorporate night vision/motion detection and can be accessed through a computer\’s web browser (doesn\’t work w/newer versions of Firefox which is a known issue) or, an app "mydlink Lite" for Android/iOS which allows access to live view and recordings from anywhere. I\’m sure there is a lot better cams/systems out there and will admit we didn\’t look all that hard, but considering our initial outlay here definitely was money well spent in my case.

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