I can\’t open any photo files, it says they have the wrong file name.I had to update windows 10 because word stopped working ( I had already updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8, thinking it can\’t be worse than Windows 8 – but I was wrong about that.) Word 13 stopped working a few days ago, and a computer techician tried to identify what was wrong. After checking various things he reinstalled Windows 10. Now I can\’t open any photo files, it says they have the wrong file name. I could always open the photos before. How can I view and edit my photos as I could before ? Also is this problem with Word 13 continually jamming and stopping working also due to some windows 10 issue, or is it a virus ?

More than likely you have fallen victim to two different things. First, you probably got one of those macro viruses contained within Word documents, and yes, it will give problems with Word. Second, you fell victim to a computer technician that failed to recognize the issue with the macro virus and wiped your system to try to fix the issue, because he didn\’t know what else to do. A third scenario was that you not only had a macro virus for Word 13, but also a host of other viruses and trojans on your system and the technician had no choice but to wipe your system to get rid of it all. That can happen when you reach a certain threshold with those viruses. From here, you still have options. More than likely, as you are on a re-install, the file association for what program or app should open a photo file has been broken. When you try to open a photo file, it should pop up with a box asking you what program to open it with. Use the checkbox and tell it always open with this program, and then select the program that you want to use to open the photos. If you need further assistance, please register for an account and return to this thread with further information.

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