I upgraded my Lumia 640 (AT&T) phone from version 8.1 to 10.As a reference, the phone also has a microSD card. The upgrade went smoothly in 2 steps:1. 10.0.10586.1072. 10.0.10586.420 To my dismay, after the upgrade I discovered that all contacts are gone. All what I have are just AT&T phone numbers in the People hub. And I had literally hundreds of contacts on the phone when it had Windows 8.1. By the way, it was one of the bugs mentioned here: Here is what\’s fixed in Windows 10 build 10586.338 for Release Preview ring members | Windows Central ��Fixed an issue on Mobile that affected some users to lose their contacts, messages, and appointments after upgrading from Windows Phone 8.1�� I checked my contacts on the outlook.com. I have AT&T few phone numbers there and few more contacts. Those not AT&T contacts are not synchronized back to my phone. I also have 12 contacts on the yahoo.com. None of them are synchronized back to the phone with the Windows 10 mobile OS. Obviously, the phone has both outlook.com and yahoo.com accounts added to the Settings – > Your email and accounts under Email, calendar, and contacts section. So it seems like I bumped into 2 very serious bugs with the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade from the 8.1 version:1. Windows 10 upgrade from 8.1 wipes out contacts2. After the upgrade Windows 10 is not synchronizing back contacts from outlook.com, yahoo.com, and who knows what else. Before the upgrade I made a backup while the phone still had windows 8.1. All 3 options were turned on:- Apps+settings- Text messages- Photos+videosThe backup file was successfully created on the onedrive.com My questions are:1. Does that backup contain my contacts?2. If yes, how to restore contacts from the backup without running a hard reset?3. If no, what else could be done to restore the contacts?

In the meantime, I recovered some 218 contacts from the old phone via Transfer My Data app. But there is a new problem now.People hub search is not working anymore.Any suggestions how to revive search in the People Hub?

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