Greetings all, I have Windows Phone 8.1 installed on my Lumia 820.I was using Windows 10 on in Nov. 2015 but then I bought a new phone and so I rolled this back to 8.1Now for development purpose I want to install W10 Mobile in it via Insider Preview.But here is the problem. First it kept showing me "no builds".Then after retrying 5-10 times finally I was able to see the fast,slow and preview ring option.After that I selected slow ring and phone restarted and I checked for updates but there were no updates.I selected preview and fast ring also but there are no updates in Settings> phone updateI read online that anniversary update will be released in a week or so, but it should update to 10586 build na ? Kindly help if I am missing anything. here are the details Phone : Lumia 820Version : Windows Phone 8.1 Let me know if you need any further details. Thanks in advance

You can not upgrade not supported phones for a week.

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