I upgraded to Windows 10 last night and I was assured that my files would be left as they were. Once the upgrade finished, I couldn\’t find them. I searched the forums here and located every file in C:/users/ and I went ahead and copied everything from there to this computer/ and deleted the old files because there was no space left on my laptop. Then I turned off my laptop and when I opened it again a few minutes ago everything was gone. Everything. My files are not located on this computer/ not are they where I first found them. ALL my photos from the past 2 years, ALL my music, ALL my documents, my papers, my stories….everything is gone. How do I get it back??

Sorry that you lost data…One think I can understand why the people keep all data on one drive for such a long time with out any backup!All my documents are stored on Onedrive, photos and music too and usb flash drive.

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