After installing the update for windows 10 from windows 7 I get seconds and then everything freezes and goes to a black screen with a small 2 inch by 2 inch windows logo. I reboot the computer and it does one of 3 things each time it happens. 1. (Please wait) It freezes there never doing anything for hours so I reboot again.2. Black screen with the small windows logo no other words or loading icon or anything.and just freezes there.3. repairing windows and freezes there. If it manages to boot up it only takes seconds for it to crash again. So I have no time to do anything. I can\’t even get enough time to get to the system info to let you know the specs and what not. This is ******* me off for it never, ever did this before the upgrade to windows 10. I have to write this from another computer n the house. What am I to do with this computer that is old and no warranty anymore, I can not get on long enough to reset it back to windows 7, I have no money to pay someone to fix it, nor can I use it? What can you do for me? How can I fix this? Please help. Thanks.

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