Hi, I have been trying to mirror my Lumia 950 xl and lenovo T440s laptop on my new Vu Smart 4k TV (also known as Hisense in some countries). I can seamlessly mirror by android phone (using the anyview app on the TV). However, my Lumia finds the TV using continuum but cannot connect. And Windows laptop asks for a PIN which came with my TV. I do not see any pin in the user manual. Moreover, I can at times detect my TV as a media streaming device (i.e. I can push videos to play on the TV from my PC) and sometimes I cannot find the device. Can someone help me with this? Thank you,

Im having the same issue with my 950XL connecting to my LG webOS tv via mirrorcast. It is also patchy with certain Samsung\’s too. I wonder if the mirrorcast standard in these phones are newer or different to those in Androids?

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