I\’ve loved my Windows phones ever since they were just a windows 7.5 phone. I absolutely adored the 8.1 update and it made me fall much more in love with the brand. Now that Windows 10 is out (Lumia 1520), I find myself faltering and wondering if I should leave the brand. For every great feature they added it seems to have introduced a new glitch or "feature" that doesn\’t make sense. I love that you can reply to texts from the notification banner and the ability to quick-switch messaging threads when in landscape orientation are great. Even the general look and feel of the OS and the fact you can search for settings instead of rummaging through menus is great. But these are immediately washed by a camera app that will crash if I try to take pictures too quickly or Cortana consistently asking over blue tooth if I want to read a text even after I open up the thread. A third of the time she won\’t even start my groove music back up and I have to do it manually. Now, after coming here I found the answer to my question which again leads to a pointless feature: Why are Cortana\’s setting in a subfolder called Notebook accessible only through her menus?? Why do these setting not appear as searchable when I search under the phone\’s settings? I also won\’t get into apps crashing or failing to reload after I come back from the lock screen which then causes every app I attempt to load to crash, thus requiring a power cycle. I\’ve had some wonderful experiences with this update but I\’ve just had so many frustrations to offset those experiences that my love for windows phone is fading. My wife and I have our upgrades coming up soon, and she\’s considering returning to WP but unless anniversary makes some improvements, I may be leaving my fellow 1%-ers. All that aside; am I the only one that feels this way or is anyone else just as happy & simultaneously disappointing with WP10 mobile?

While WM10 definitely made improvements over WP8.1, a huge loss in transition. is the magnificent gestures beta app, which no longer functions in 10. "Pick up the phone to answer a call" feature, which was part of gestures, was an extremely innovative and truly unique feature of windows phones.

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