Every mobile platform has its strengths and weaknesses. What are the strengths of Windows 10 Mobile devices? What can they do better than Androids or iPhones? What can W10M phones do that Androids and iPhones can\’t do? I\’m seriously considering picking up a W10M device and look forward to your answers.

Well going forward, it\’ll be better at not getting new features or otherwise changing. Cortana integration with the PC is better than on other platforms. It\’s handsfree incoming text handling by Cortana is proactive and top-notch. (at least it was on 8.1, pretty sure it\’s still around but I wouldn\’t be surprised if MS killed it.) It has arguably the best SD card support. It has the best OS update system outside of Apple so between that and it\’s unpopularity that makes for a secure system. Too bad there won\’t be much in the way of updates to be delivered going forward. (OK fine, you\’ll get security updates) If the SMS relay in Skype works, its nifty but not as good as it could\’ve been. iMessage on Macs and iPhones blow it away. You can change the notification sound of any app. (can\’t do it on iOS/it\’s limited, its on an app-by-app basis on Android) Continuum on capable phones looks pretty cool but it\’s stood still with no improvements as others like Samsung DeX steam ahead. Live tiles are still a pretty middle-ground between iOS badges and Android widgets. I like how you can pin documents and stuff on the start screen. You can\’t do it on iOS but you can on Android. (add an icon to a document, not a live tile) A dark theme is officially available and sanctioned. I\’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here though, you got a lot of weaknesses to overcome here.

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