90% of the apps run like crap on Windows 10 Mobile. Facebook takes eons to open, Castle Siege needs to be opened at least twice for it to work, Plex is a complete mess, MyTube video play speed shoots all over the place, etc. So my question is, is the OS just such utter crap that nothing can run smooth on it or do the developers just not know what they are doing? Every time I have these issues I wonder wether to contact the developer because they need to do some major fixings on their end or if that\’s a waste of time because the OS is the real issue. Does anyone that HONESTLY knows able to give me an explanation of what really is behind all these issues?

Great question.I\’m not sure because I use a decent number of apps that run great like GroupMe, Realarm, mTalk, Vime, and AudioCloud. As you said, some apps do run slow and/or work poorly. The idea of Spoticast is great but it has more hiccups than I would like, but on the flip side, Spotify can be quite slow on phones outside of the flagships.

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