There used to be a lot of talk about the small tablets version of Windows 10 mobile but right now I see small tablets with full desktop Windows 10 getting released. Now that both the desktop and smartphone versions of Windows 10 have been fully released, what happened to the small tablets version of it? A few screenshots were released awhile back but since then there\’s been no mention of that version of Windows 10. Was it cancelled or something?

Windows for small tablets is the same as the version for phones, Windows 10 Mobile, so I suspect it has not been canceled. I suspect that the reason we have not heard anything about it is because no manufactures want to put Windows 10 Mobile on a tablet. WP8.1 only supported a few portrait screen resolutions with the highest being 1080p. Windows 10 Mobile supports many more resolutions meaning that it can also work on tablet sized screens. I think that is what Microsoft was getting at when they said it is for small tablets. As for me, I will never by a tablet that has W10M on it, I would rather have the full version of Windows on a tablet.

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