First off, I know the current state is Microsoft\’s responsibility. By saying "What have you done today…" I\’m not trying to blame users. But while Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile\’s market share keeps shrinking, we still keep our hopes and dream of better days ahead. We may not save the platform but we could still make the app gap an inch (or centimeter) narrower, bring other people to the Windows Phone/Mobile ship (so we take them to hell with us when it sinks) and show how great this mobile OS really is. Yes, WM might be going the Bada way, but not without a good fight. So, do you like your phone? Go to and click on your phone model (Microsoft | Nokia or search for other brands) and click the "Become a fan" button at the top of your model\’s page. Also, you can leave a comment answering other people\’s questions and prejudices. Make your phone popular! So your favorite app is not available for Windows Phone/WIndows Mobile? Vote for your favorite app at WishAppList : Boost development in Windows 10 et Windows 10 Mobile applications ! or suggest an app. Read this thread on how to contact your favorite app\’s developer and what you can do to convince them to port their apps to WIndows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile. I haven\’t started this thread only to share some ways to spread the word but also to let everyone share their suggestions on how to change the current situation if only even a bit. Fanboyism/fangirlism doesn\’t help. Don\’t paint the sky blue when it\’s raining. Just let\’s show the facts about our phones and its OS and help others in their first steps with Windows Mobile.

I bought a new phone 😀 got someone else on that 365 1TB offer 😀 and upgraded another 920 (not mine) to 218 😀

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