The title of this thread says it all. I am looking for the best way to stream videos to my UltraHD TV from Windows 10. I do not want to use 3rd party programs. I am looking for the best DLNA compatible device that I can stream from Windows 10 apps that support the integrated DLNA playback feature of Windows 10.When streaming videos from Windows Explorer, then I have no issues at all and everything works great. Interesting enough, when trying to stream from MyTube or Grover Pro, then playback will not work flawlessly. Sometimes it stops. I am streaming to a Sony TV. So, I am looking for an alternative way to stream videos to my TV. I tested the MS Wireless Adapter v2 and it was bad. Video stutters and is not watchable. I am even thinking of getting an XBOX to use for video streaming (with the added bonus of gaming).

Some Roku devices support DNLA. I use a Samsung BD Player that supports DNLA streaming. Samsung BD-J5100ZC and BD-5700ZC both work. One of the them has both Ethernet and WiFi but the WiFi doesn\’t seem to work very good. I have been able to stream most videos accept HEVC encoded videos also they only support Soft-coded subtitles but not 100% of the time. I should mention that those players do not support Miracast / WiDi but some of the Roku devices support both so that is probably your best bet.

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