I have used Jawbone NEW ERA and Jabra Stealth but they both have issues with consistently accepting my voice prompts, I have to also let you know that I do have a Spanish accent but I don\’t think is so thick that it should interfere 🙂 ( speaking English in north America for the last 50 years)

Sorry I\’m so long in getting to your issue here. It\’s been busy. What I\’d recommend you do first is to rule out your accent or speech patterns before assuming it\’s the Bluetooth device that is the problem. To do this, try talking to Cortana without the Bluetooth device by using the mic built into the phone itself. If it is still having the same issues with consistently accepting your voice prompts, then Cortana is the one having issues, not you. I have used the Plantronics Voyager Legend ($99) and the Mpow FreeGo ($23) and both have worked flawlessly for me. My wife has a Jabra, and it has problems as well, even when I use it. Her Bluetooth also has issues with sound quality from time to time, causing everything to sound garbled. It just doesn\’t seem to hold a solid connection to the phone as well as my Mpow and Plantronics devices. I can\’t speak for other devices, as these are the only ones I\’ve used. It\’s worth a shot. Perhaps since I\’ve posted and bumped the thread up, someone else will see this and offer further advice. Best of luck.

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