We heard late last year that full Windows 10 is coming to mobile processors, opening the way for devices running full (x86) Windows applications. So now I\’m curious: What would YOU do differently with a phone that runs full Windows? I\’ll start: if I had a WoA device, I would Store OneDrive files locally. I\’ve always wanted OneDrive to keep files in sync on my phone (over wifi) as well, and I\’m hoping W10A will allow that. That way I can have reference docs ready for use without needing cell coverage. I\’m thinking travel documents, books, etc Block ads in Edge. I\’m very much looking forward to using extensions on Edge, which I assume will be enabled once W10A arrives. Finally fewer ads while on mobile data! Install a few x86 apps. Some users (not me obviously) might use uTorrent on their phone and make it their media hub. Occasionally dock it. I personally would plug it in to a continuum dock regularly for quickly typing something out or quickly looking something up. For me it\’s much more natural to plug in one cable into a device that you have on you than hauling my laptop to the monitor I\’ve set up. I already to this with my 950XL, and whenever I do that I keep missing Win10 things, like hitting start and typing to find an app, and using full-blown windowed multitasking. So how about you guys? How do you imagine this would change your (computing) life? ___ Edit: other suggestions from below: Lose some apps and deal with quirks Avoid desktop apps, or be prepared to burn fingers Save some money Squeeze it lovingly Use it on a thin and light tablet Merge phone and PC in some distant future Develop for the phone ON the phone.. Dev-ception! Do full contact/email/file search on the phone Connect basically any USB device, for example audio I/O Use edge for streaming video, e.g. MLB, Amazon Prime Video Run tons of specialized desktop apps Run android apps in an emulator?! Guys, seriously.. 🙂

Assuming I had a phone running complete Windows… Not too much would be different than if I had a normal Windows Phone. I\’d lose my Snapchat, exchange Task syncing, Protonmail, my bank, and some more odd apps that I need. I\’d probably have a larger SD card if Windows has the same 20-something GB footprint. And I probably wouldn\’t have any docks or anything. And if the trend continues, it\’ll still be quirky.

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