I like to tweak my PC for Gaming. This means permanently locking off any process or service I don\’t need or want running. I used to do this with Black Vipers configuration recommendations. I got Windows 7 down to 24 processes and services at startup and disabled Everything else in the system that did not pertain to 1) Windows starting/running 2) Gaming and 2) Networking. The Only job my Windows had was to play my games and surf the net. You couldn\’t get it to do anything else if you tried and that\’s what I have a windows system for. I aim to do that for Windows 10 version 1909. This means No updates, no wordpad, no defender No apps No Cortana in short, Nothing extra that Microsoft mistakenly thinks I want or need. (I know how to manage my own security) My problem is Black Viper doesn\’t update his configuration settings anymore and I need a full list for 1909\’s added or changed features so I can study them and lock them off. Where can I find such info so I can super cripple this OS and again make it the OS I need? Thank you! (If all fails, I may have to go back to Windows 8.0 with Classic Shell)

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