I need to have any idea since 2 of my expensive gaming laptops just stop working after october 2019 update! I also notice all updates are forced to all windows 10 client and after you have no choice, you end up with a laptop that will not boot up. Im very frustrated since i just bought a new gaming laptop 5 days ago and after it force restart today due to update it does not function anymore. It is stucked at "Undoing changes made to your PC" for 8 hours now. its so much hassle why windows will do such thing forcing update that end up destroying expensive laptops not to mention the files that i need foe my work that i can not access now due to this unexpected /force updates. Its very frustrating as i tried to ask windows but their signup page keeps on reverting back to home page which adds more frustration in my side. My only question is how do i go from here? I have MSI Gaming laptop and im stucked at "Undoing Changes made to PC" screen for 8 agonizing hours and it seems doesn\’t end there! What should i do?

You may have to do a recovery. Check this link out. https://www.techwalla.com/articles/h…ctory-settings This will erase any personal data. You could also just try shutting down the laptop (typically long press on the power button) and then wait a few seconds and start it up again and see what options come up (if any). It may boot into Windows or it may try to recover again. There is a way to prevent updates from installing automatically on Windows 10. Just do a search on it. Hope you can sort your situation out.

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