Hello. I\’ve been a Windows Phone user for a long time (Windows Phone 7, and then Windows Phone 8 on Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8.1 Denim), but 4 months ago I switched to Android just to see how the ecosystem was like (Nexus 5X 32GB)… Bottom line, I hated and sold it yesterday for the following reasons:

  • It\’s slow when it matters. In Android everything is an App, the Phone app and the messaging app have the same priorities as any other apps, which means they\’re slow to open. Opening apps was also slow and it became slower (for example, opening Opera took 6 seconds on the Nexus 5x) and slower as more applications were installed. In my Lumia 920, the Internet Explorer, Phone and messages were a lot faster to open.
  • It becomes progressively slower, which does not happen as much as Windows Phone. As more applications are installed, Android becomes slower into a crawl. For example, I had hundreds of apps, and my Nexus 5X was unbelievable slow. Restarting the phone took like 5 minutes, and when upgrading it had to check all the apps (the monthly security updates took like 40 minutes).

Anyway, now that I sold the Nexus 5X I was wondering what\’s the state of Windows Phone 10 right now (I\’m thinking on getting a Lumia 950XL). I\’ve watched several reviews upon launch and, according to them it was full of bugs. Have the bugs been corrected?What about apps? In your honest opinion, is it worth it? If it\’s not, I\’m going into the Iphone route (although I don\’t like Apple that much). Regards.

Welcome back. Buy a old new 1520 if you can get.

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