Hello, a few days ago I used the "reset this PC" option in the windows settings after I noticed there was some type of malware on my computer (was as if someone was remotely accessing my PC). I have no idea where that came from but I immediately backed up some important documents and reset the PC. I set up the PC and after 5 minutes of usage, I was greeted with the "whea uncorrectable error". After updating all my drivers, the problem persisted so I completely formatted my hard drive (took it out and used another computer and an external enclosure) then did a fresh install using a USB stick. Got windows set up and the problem seems to have gotten better, but has not fully gone away. The error now shows up about after an hour of usage. If I reset the PC, it\’ll go another hour before it comes up again. In my most recent attempt to fix this, I bought a brand new SSD and put a clean install of windows on that. I didn\’t have any luck with that either. I also cleaned and re-seated the ram while the laptop was apart. I am almost certain that this is a software issue, but the HP Smart application says that all of my drivers are up to date. I also ran the windows memory checker, but no issues were found. I can’t think of any variables that cause this crash. It happens when the pc is idling, under load, charging, on battery, cool, or hot. I will list all the information regarding my system below. Thank you in advance for any help. HP Envy x360 15tCore i7-8550UIntel UHD Graphics 620Nvidia GeForce MX150 8GB RAM1tb 7200 HDDWindows 10 HomeVersion10.0.18363 Build 18363

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