Now that all the "I hate RT" cry babies have gotten their way, where do real Windows Tablets go from here? Let\’s be honest. The Surface Pro line are not really tablets. They are laptops disguised as tablets. They are made to replace your laptop. The RT devices were more affordable and not geared to those that wanted a laptop, but more something in line with an iPad. So why people that wanted a Pro (obviously looking for a laptop replacement) cried about the RT (something completely different than what they were looking for) is beyond me. That is like consumers looking at MacBook, b*tching that the iPad is a pile of junk and should be killed off. I unfortunately just veered off my original question – now that RT is going to be long forgotten, what happens with the next line of Surfaces? I hate to tell you guys, but Windows 10 is not tablet friendly. It is just a frankienstined desktop, and desktops have never done well on real tablets. The only real option I see is 7"-8" devices running the same version OS as Windows Phones, which I guess would be fine, but I just wish they would clarify this. Because right now, Microsoft has left their true tablet customers out to dry.

The same OS, Windows 10, will run on phones, tablets & desktops. In \’tablet mode\’ it still looks just as tablet friendly as W8.1 to me, is there something particular that you think won\’t work? Also as far as I can tell MS has made no specific announcement RE ARM tablets & WinRT. The fact that they are still telling devs to write Windows apps to prep for W10 suggests that the WinRT platform is still alive, we\’ll have to wait for an announcement on the WinRT only version of Windows.

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