My current Lumia 930, which is the best phone I\’ve ever owned, has developed a screen fault (horrible green spot that is enlarging by the day and slowly covering the entire screen. seems it\’s a not uncommon fault that both MS and Nokia refuse to admit is a design/manufacturing fault). So I\’m in the market for a new phone. Anyhoo, whilst I\’ve enjoyed using my Windows phones I\’m concerned that they will never take off in a meaningful way. I know it\’s unlikely they will ever grow their mobile busness as large as Apple/Android, but I still find the app situation frustrating. I cycle a lot and the most popular cycling app \’Starva\’ is nowhere to be seen, plus banking and finance apps and others are absent. Given that development of universal apps across all Windows 10 devices should give developers an easier time, is there anybody else out there thinking (like me) \’right, I give MS another X months and then I\’m outta here\’. The OS is maturing nicely and there are some great choices for Win 10 devices out there inc laptops and hybrid devices which Apple and Android simply don\’t have. So it makes sense for me to stick with Windows, but my phone is my most used device and I\’m finding some aspects of it limiting. Does anyone here expect (or know) if there will be a more serious output of Windows 10 mobile apps and devices any time soon? BTW… I can\’t quite decide between a 650 and a 640XL. Is there much difference in the performance between the two? And will the OLED screen on the 650 suffer the same fate as the one on my 930, which I\’m convinced is down to overheating when using HereDrive.

Although some might claim to have one, no one has a crystal ball on what the app future for Windows 10. I "believe" the universal app idea is a good one but I have no clue if its going parlay into the apps everyone wants. Personally, I\’m sticking with the platform. Sent from my Surface 3

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