I am trying to add dates in the past where my lap top was working well before updates etc. I have turned on system protection. I have tried "Configure" and added a accurate description. At the end of it going through its configuration no previous dates have been entered no matter what descriptions I enter.

I\’m not entirely following you but you can\’t add "historical" restore points; if they aren\’t there already, they can\’t be added. When enabled, Restore points are created manually (click "Create") or automatically when an installation occurs (Windows Updates, an app installed via a .exe or .msi, etc.). To view all available restore points, click "System Restore" > Choose a different restore point > click "Show more restore points". There\’s an option in "Configure" that sets the percentage of disk space to use for restore points and once it\’s full, the oldest are deleted to make room so depending on that value, the size of your HD, and the size of the restore points, you may have 1 or 2 or 10+.

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