Hello, I had initially upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, running the preview build released last December. Suddenly, my phone kept restarting and it won\’t boot to the start screen any more. It would just show Nokia and and then the sad emoticon ":(". I could not hard reset it so I fixed it using Windows Device Recovery Tool. After the Fixing, Windows Phone 8.1 was reinstalled. Immediately, I downloaded and installed the Windows Insider App and configured my phone for fast update. After a day or two, over cellular data, I rceeived a notification to update. I downloaded and installed the update over WiFi. Immediately after the update was installed, I was notified that my phone was ready for Windows 10 Insider update after the reboot. It did reboot. Since then, when I check for updates, it always says my phone was up to date. I have reinstalled the Windows Insider App and reconfigured my device several times for Insider Fast but still, no update has come. I use WiFi to check for update and the speed is about 1mb/s. What could be wrong, please. I am sick of WP 8.1. 🙁

You will need to select the \’release preview\’ ring to get Win10M for your phone.The fast and slow rings currently point to Redstone builds that the Lumi 520 isn\’t eligible for.

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