Can someone explain why, after all the Windows Phone emulators and Xbox Backwards Compatibility stuff, we still can\’t play Windows Phone games on Windows 10?It can\’t be that hard to have an built-in emulation layer and just run the game in a window.So it wouldn\’t be full-screen (although that shouldn\’t be hard, either).Who cares? All the Windows Phone games are in the Windows 10 Store (and it is very annoying to have two versions of AlphaJax (and others).Then click it and it says it\’s not for this platform and you have to scroll until you find the other one.If you look up games published by Microsoft Studios, there is no way to filter.Why not just let me install it?JJ

Maybe the developers haven\’t used the UWP option? maybe the games were coded to run on 8.0/8.1 but never fully updated to take advantage of the uwp possibilities?

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