before windows 10 mobile build 10586 i had build 10536 on my device at the few first weeks of the update was working well but after sometime my phone started to restart by it self without any reason and usually it loops , i couldn\’t think of any thing to cause that problem because back then i haven\’t had installed any new apps or done any change to my device .when the new build came out, the build 10586 i thought it will solve my problem but it didn\’t ! i tried to fix it but i couldn\’t even i restored my phone to windows phone 8.1 and updated my phone again to windows 10 ( i didn\’t stay that much on the windows phone 8.1 so i don\’t if the problem were still there for 8.1 ) .another point , sometimes when it stops from restarting loops the phone turns back on with empty battery and when i put it on charge sometimes it charges to 100% in two-five minutes ( i have changed the charger but still the same ) .so any help ?! i\’m about to through my phone from the top floor of the building . { update } , i still have the problem with or without third party apps .

I also own a Lumia 1520 and sometimes experience random restarts but have no problem with the battery.

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