I have an Xfinity-supplied Arris router/modem installed in another room. In my office I have two computers both connected to the router by wifi. Recently I installed a Linux single-board computer which only has an Ethernet connection, so I thought I could bridge the Ethernet device onto the Wifi connection through the Ethernet adapter on one computer. This works, sorta, but the wifi connection is repeatedly and regularly broken whenever the Linux unit is running and connected. I have not found anything on the net that directly relates; there are many references to problems with the Bridge dropping wifi connections, but everything I have found so far seemingly relates to an earlier Windows 10 version, as I do not have the same screenshots from ipconfig and it does not display the DNS server address(es) I seem to need for the predominant solution, which is assigning a fixed IP to the bridge. I may simply not know enough about what I am seeing in ipconfig. Advice appreciated. Pete Smith

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