Since some days (46) my Hotmail mails doesn\’t arrive on my windows mobile phone anymore.I still can send a mail without problems.This account is also my Microsoft account.On my PC it works fine and in a browser is works also fine. My other e-mail account functions without issues. extra strange: My mother in-law, has the same issue (on her windows phone) and it started the same date (around 16th Oct) When I contact Microsoft support, they redirect me to because it is on a mobile device. Those guys ask 10 € for support. I refuse to pay 10 € for something that is not my fault. Did any of you have the same issue ? And does anyone know the solution ? I\’m (getting) disappointed in Microsoft Support.

Have you checked your sync settings for your Hotmail email in settings? I would suggest trying to set it to hourly or as items arrive, send yourself an email (not from your phone though) and then see what happens.

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