So I\’m on the latest build of Windows 10 (the one ending in 420), and I\’ve got Outlook 2016 always running in the background. But somehow both my phone and the Windows 10 Mail app manage to be more useful than Outlook 2016 when it comes to fetching mail immediately, or as it arrives. Outlook 2016 is stuck fetching mail every 5-10 minutes because apparently there\’s no simple "as items arrive" option for this unnecessarily expensive program. Really, Microsoft? Today I went 2 hours without a single Outlook 2016 notification. The moment I shut my computer off and checked my phone before going to bed… you guessed it. I had 2 new emails from work timestamped to 1 hour ago!!! And I never got a desktop notification or email alert from Outlool 2016 while my computer was on! I\’ve checked and rechecked the mail notification settings for Windows 10 and every single notification setting is set to \’on\’. Yet I receive new mail alerts so inconsistently on Outlook that I\’m considering asking MS for a refund, if they\’ll give me one. Is there anything I can do to remedy my situation?

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