Hello, Editing 1080p videos with MacOS (just to trim, for instance with QuickTime Player) is really fast. You remove the parts you do not want from the video, and after takes only the time to save the video (just a few more time than saving an Office file)… Is saved as a .mov file The new Windows10 Photos App is already much fast. However only allows to remove parts from the beginning or end of the video. Do you know any other Windows Application that is also fast to save the changed video (like I said almost like simple saving it) and do not take longer minutes to do the video renderization (doing this there are plenty of Apps…) ?? ThanksDuarte S.

I use Corel VideoStudio, very satisfactorily, but I\’m no expert, and really don\’t know what "fast" is on your Mac, or for you. Plus, I run it on Windows 7 (!)! You may want to try the PC Talk forum at dpreview.com -lots of serious mixed experience there. Good luck getting past this frustrated stage.

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