I downloaded Windows 10 yesterday evening on my new laptop, which, according to the tests I ran prior, is fully Windows 10 compatible. Nevertheless, just since downloading Windows 10, when I fold down the laptop\’s screen to close it, it freezes. I open it to a black frozen screen that is unresponsive whether I tap the touchscreen, keys and/or power button. Therefore, since Windows 10, I have to reboot my laptop every time I open it in order to use it, which is an inconvenience that nobody should have to suffer. The laptop never had so much as the slightest glitch before Windows 10, and I want Microsoft to fix this. Why is Windows 10 causing my laptop to freeze upon closing? What is the fix?

I\’m having exactly the same problem. Never had it before. Used to close lid – laptop in sleep mode – open lid – unlock and resume work. Simple.NOT SO SINCE WINDOWS 10. I have to force power off as laptop completely unresponsive. Unacceptable.

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