Why is Windows 10 mobile so bad? It is so unreliable. Used Windows mobile for around a year, and I\’m sure it\’s going to be my last. Had Windows 8 on my Lumia for around six months, it seemed fine. Updated to 10 once it came out of beta. I avoided the beta versions as I didn\’t want the problems, I have better things to do with my time. It still looks like it\’s in beta. The bugs pick the worst possible time to appear, and Microsoft just don\’t seem to care. Even the Feedback app is bad. I\’ve been trying to give it time to get it\’s act together but it gets worse. I use the phone for calls, texts, emails, calendar, music, skype, weather, notes, and it\’s all become a bad experience. Cannot believe Microsoft are trying to pass this off as a mobile platform. Calls, the dialler is badly designed, bad layout for common actions, dial-pad is slow .Texts, how to I display the number I\’m texting?Emails, cannot reply. Zoom sometimes just blurs screen. App fails to open, needing a restart.Calendar, Some new items disappear if I lose a data connection, without warning.Music, Mix Radio is gone.Skype, Keeps ringing once call answered.Weather, the Live Tile just does what it feels like. Fed up with it all.The quality of some software is terrible. Why bother. Is it that bad a company to work for?Windows Mobile is not going to be around for long.

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