Frankly I was waiting for the platform to advance to the point that we are running full 32 and 64 bit programs. Full blown windows on a phone!!! I know most of the younger generation don\’t care about this yet, since they have no idea of the freedom of movement they are missing, who can blame them their idea of gaming is playstation, xbox and other platforms where they have to eat from a limited menu with no options. But when you know the difference between being forced to live in a bubble and not knowing the difference is different than knowing the limitations and choosing to be limited. Not that Windows Mobile is for gamers, but it is just an illustration to highlight the difference between platforms and why many of us are waiting for a full blown x86 platform on a mobile device that can make calls and text as well. Windows 10 Mobile was the platform that was making the most promises leading this direction. But if Microsoft is abandoning ever making a phone that can run full windows, then I am done with Smart Phones and will buy a cheap little flip phone and stick to my tablet for other functions. I wont be manipulated into forking out the kind of money they want for smart phones and end up with a device I hate, I wont do it anymore, I AM DONE… If Microsoft gets off their butt and delivers a Phone running IoT Core that runs x86 applications I will buy it and be happy, but if not I am going back to what I know works. At this point if someone made a Laptop running full Windows 10 that could make calls and text I would ditch my Elite x3, besides when I am driving I use hands free Bluetooth anyway, whats the difference if it comes from a laptop or a phone? This thread isn\’t to debate android or ios vs Windows, this thread is for people to voice their ideas on Windows Based Mobile devices and what they would like to see for user control.

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