MS is proud of its security and states for instance that "We build security into Microsoft products and services from the start. That�s how we deliver a comprehensive, agile platform to better protect your endpoints, move faster to detect threats, and respond to security breaches across even the largest of organizations." Yet there\’re neglecting something so fundamentally basic as SD card encryption on Windows Mobile devices. How come? All other platforms have had this as a standard feature for ages. Our company cannot use WP even if we wanted as no non-encrypted partitions are excepted on mobile devices. I have one myself but is struggling with SD card security as I don\’t want to save private things on an unprotected card. There are also apps, such as WhatsApp, that automatically save a backup of private things, such as conversations, also on SD card if one is inserted. And in the case of WP these back-ups are left unprotected as no encryption is available. So I\’m not able to use SD cards with my 8 GB Windows Phone which is frustrating. MS is continuously adding great features in Windows 10 but why is this lack of security still being ignored?

External storage encryption is supported via MDM for Windows 10 Mobile devices. Either you you need to talk to your IT dept. or your IT dept. needs to engage Microsoft.

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