I keep trying to sign in to my windows 10 tablet to stream the video from my xbox one, but i keep getting the sign in error. I\’ve done the command line prompts, updated the tablet reinstalled the app, and updated my Xbox One, but still to no avail.What is causing this error "Can\’t sign into Xbox 0x404 "? My xbox is wired through ethernet and my tablet by wifi but under the same network.

Because the XBox app on Windows 10 communicates with the XBox console via the local area network (LAN), you may have to make sure that devices connected to your network can connect with each other. If your XBox is connected to an ethernet jack in your wall, then you may need to, instead, plug the XBox into an ethernet jack on your router (if it has one). You may also want to try connecting your XBox via WiFi. If that does not help, you also may want to make sure that your WiFi router does not have device separation turned on. Some WiFi routers keep each connected device separate from one another (like on properly set-up public WiFi networks) so they can not communicate via the network. If you aren\’t sure about your WiFi router settings, you can usually see a bunch of numbers and periods on a label on the router that looks something like this: XXX.XXX.X.XXX:XXXX. You can usually try entering this into your browser and see if there is a router settings page. It might need a password (usually different from the password you use to connect to the network) to access. There might be an option (YouTube and Google/Bing is your friend here) to allow devices to connect to each other, or turn off device separation. One thing that is important, however, is that this could potentially allow devices on your WiFi network to access the files and even remote control the other devices on your network, and could open you up to voulnerabilities. Just make sure that you have a good connection password (the one you use to normally access the network) and that you don\’t have any devices of other people on your network.

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