Hello everyone.I\’m pretty much a noob here and I\’m curious about Windows 10 mobile. I\’m about to buy a Lumia 1520 (always loved the phone but had a 920) and sadly the unicorn (1520.3) is not available anymore (at least not brand new) so I might end up getting a AT&T RM-940, I am currently on Preview for Devs with my 920 and will want to try windows 10 for sure. Does anybody know if the windows 10 (either the current preview or the final release) will debrand the phone to get rid of AT&T ROM restrictions? Most people tell me that internet sharing and some bands don\’t work on the AT&T variant. Or what if I install Windows 10 preview and then try to flash a RM-938 ROM on it? Has anyone tried that? Any hope it could work? Thanks in advance.

No it will not. an at&t phone will stay at&t after w10m. My Lumia 1520 stayed at&t after upgrading and my Verizon HTC one m8 stayed Verizon.and the bands that are not available are not available because of hardware. Note : At&t Lumia 1520 doesn\’t have wireless charging

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