*First of all, sorry if this is not the right place to post this. I\’m new to this forum.* Hello! My (really) old Xperia Z3 has just failed and now I\’m looking to get a new phone on the cheap. After some research, I\’ve found a really good deal on a Nokia Lumia 929. However, I\’m wondering if Windows Mobile will be a good fit for my use case. On my phone, I usually do a lot of: – Sending/Receiving emails (just regular Gmail, no business mail or anything)- Surfing the web with Chrome.- Social networking (I mainly use Facebook, Twitter and Reddit)- Streaming videos (I watch a lot of Youtube everyday, and occasionally Twitch)- Streaming music (mostly on Spotify, and sometimes SoundCloud) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Gmail support is okay.Chrome is not available, you need to switch to EdgeFB is so soTwitter is okay appReddit has a few third party appsYouTube support is non existent. You can use MetroTubeI am not sure about TwitchSpotify app is so soSoundCloud app is so so, I don\’t know if it is even supported

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