The AU updated my PC last night. This morning when I went to log on, there was a notice about AU being installed. I was able to log on, and watched the Get Started AU info. Went downstairs and when I came back, the screen was black with this DOS statement: "Reboot and Select Boot Device, or Insert Boot Media in Select Boot Device and Press a Key" I rebooted and got the same statement again. I tried CTL-ALT-DELETE and it got me into my Gateway system window. Of course, you can\’t do anything in there except see how the system is set up. I did the CTL-ALT-DELETE again, and this time I pressed the F12 key for boot devices. AGAIN, it went to the black screen above with the same stupid statement. I can\’t enter any DOS commands on the line, all it does is loop back to the statement. What can I do as I can\’t get into the Windows OS to try any of the fixes I\’ve seen on this forum. I have a backup HDD but can\’t do anything with it. What do I do, Microsoft?????????

Not saying I can help, but is it possible you use hardware based Bitlocker encryption on your boot drive? If so, I may be able to lend a hand. If not, best bet is a clean install. I know, pretty annoying, but that\’s the AU for you. It did work straight away on some of my devices, but on others it has caused complete mayhem due to the introduction of a selection of interesting bugs. A lot of them due to the fact MS have been messing around with the boot and security processes in this update. I have worked around most things now, but many of the bugs are still present in the OS and need proper fixing. I still think we were better off when MS used to have a proper QA department. This outsourcing testing to \’insiders\’ in the general public would be a nice extra in combination with proper QA, but they are just not picking up the issues in time like the old QA approach did and so relying so heavily on insiders is proving flaky. Hence the huge outcry about W10 being a mess in the news at the moment. Something MS could do is introduce a short online QA training package for potential insiders, which they must pass before being permitted to join. Not as good as proper QA, but better than the current approach of \’do what you feel\’.

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